Story: The End Of Love - Episode 2

The End of Love


She put her head on his shoulder and looked at the briefcase on the table. She finally let go of a worried heart.

She hugged Albert said silently:" Brother, I like a seaside villa. "

After taking a bath, Albert seemed to be getting stronger again. He kept touching her with his hands up and down and said absent-mindedly," If you like, let Secretary Max accompany you to buy it. "

If Fenny had not opened her mouth, Albert had pressed her under his body.

Peace had become accustomed to it, only to continue to look out of the window of the moonlight, but Fenny's eyes are colder than the night.


"Miss Fenny, look at this bracelet, but the latest work of a well-known Italian designer, we can..." Secretary Max sat next to Fenny and pointed out the auction manual to Fenny.

Fenny glanced a few eyes, but smiled coldly, silent.

Secretary Max felt a little bored, but he was afraid that Albert would blame him for going back, so he had to work hard to please Fenny." Miss Fenny, why don't you look at this jewelry box?" Secretary Max was speaking when the next exhibit was brought up.

The auctioneer pointed to a blue model on the stand and calmly introduced:" The exhibit is a cliff villa of DaHo Group, starting at 7 million. "

With a slight shudder in Fenny's brow, she sat straight up and stared closely at the blue model of the villa on the stand, with a silver key in front of it, a small key with the beautiful gilded statue of earbuds freshener in greek mythology, and a small sculpture shining in the sun.

** Recall the dividing line**

"Here, look what this is. "Father took the silver key and handed it to Micheal.

Short Micheal tiptoe, hastened to take over," What, the key? "

Her father smiled and touched Micheal's brain melon," Yes, is the key to the cliff villa, we will go to the south after winter vacation, you can see the most beautiful sunset in the villa every day. "

Micheal seems to understand not to play with the key, she looked up to make a tender voice," Dad, what is this? "

Father looked at the gilded key chain and said with a smile:" This is the Greek mythology of Persephone, is it beautiful? "

Micheal opened a pair of confused eyes," Dad is to Micheal after and she is as beautiful? "

"Yes! "father said pat Micheal's head.

Later, Micheal only to know that Percefortune was originally married to the Underworld, the life to the boundless darkness.

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