Story: The End Of Love - Episode 3 - CrownXplicit

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Story: The End Of Love - Episode 3

Story: The End Of Love - Episode 3

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The End of Love


Fenny was surprised to find that the auction had reached the end, and the auctioneer knocked a second hammer on the stage,"13 million, is there anything higher? Is there a $13.5 million? "

When the auctioneer's hammer was about to fall, she lifted the sign gracefully,"20 million. "

The audience was shocked, and everyone's eyes turned to this beautiful young girl.

Secretary Max rushed to the heart of the fire, he did not take care of peace if he actually sold such a high price," Miss Fenny, do not! this villa was sold at a low price after the bankruptcy of Daho Group. House for a long time, is a second-hand house, and the former president of Daho Group for the crime of murder was sentenced to death, this house is unlucky, unlucky! "

Fenny did not care, but looked confidently at the auctioneer, just as the auctioneer would shout out the third time, the back of the seat came a cold sound,"21 million. "

No one here can believe that this second-hand villa, which is not very popular, can offer such an unexpected price.

Fenny also turned his head to see, holding the card is a young man, his eyes are dark, black suit more a frightening chill.

"This house isn't worth so much! Really, the CEO of CheRong International is also crazy! "Secretary Max said, looking forward to the man who shouted higher prices, Max said to Fenny ran:" CheRong International in the past two years after all is to make money, you see their boss Martin spend money is really willing. "

"Martin..." Fenny read these three words in a meaningful way.

Martin's indifferent eyes swept over her charming face, if Fenny saw him smile slightly, Martin saw such beauty, naturally is also a smile.

But after smiling, looking back for a moment, Fenny raised the sign,"30 million. "

Secretary Max a mouthful of old blood almost spouted out, crazy, Fenny is not only amnesia, it is completely crazy.

This time there is no doubt, in the eyes of Martin did not shout high prices, if a thousand gold to win the cliff villa.

When the auctioneer dropped the hammer, the audience burst into applause, congratulating Fenny for the high price of the blue cliff bay villa, if only slightly hook up the corners of her mouth, but her eyes are focused on the silver key in front of the model.

Since you have chosen to be with the dark, never pray to see the light.

After the auction is the usual open-air banquet, auction houses cannot easily let go, this group of rare gathering of high-class celebrities.

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