Story: The End Of Love - Episode 4

The End of Love



Fenny looked at Secretary Max, who was in the way around her. She knew very well that Albert had said so well that to let Secretary Max take care of her daily food and drink was in fact to supervise her every move.

"Secretary Max, go and pay for the villa. "Fenny ordered.

Secretary Max said yes, but he hesitated for a long time and couldn't find the checkbook. "

"Don't you think you left the checkbook in the car? "

"Come on, I think I brought it. "Secretary Max kept pulling out the pockets inside and outside the suit.

It's so boring to pick up a piece of cake and put it in the tray," you look in the car, you must be in the car, found it and hurry to pay, I first eat dessert waiting for you. "

Secretary Max looked at the auction house in a hurry, open-air buffet banquet are all social celebrities, if Fenny is here will certainly be all right, Secretary Max had to wonder said:" OK, Miss Fenny, you eat slowly first, I'll look for! Don't you forget it in the car? "Secretary Max kept turning his pockets and leaving as he spoke.

Fenny stood in front of the snow-white table, she saw Secretary Max go far, only to put down the plate filled with exquisite cakes, gently slide open the phone screen, text message from an unknown number, there are only three words: he lost.

Not even a single punctuation, but Fenny seemed to feel the sender's satisfaction through the text message, she smiled and emptied the text record.

Her slender fingers pressed the lock screen key, and in the dark moment of the screen, through the bright reflective screen mirror, she vaguely saw the person about to walk behind her.

Fenny did not hesitate to pick up the plate, suddenly turned around, the pastry will be forced to cover the other side.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Ah, what should I do?" Fenny was so panicked that he was at a loss as to what to do.


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