Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 2 - CrownXplicit

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Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 2

Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 2

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Story: My Bestie

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Tina POV
Its the day mom said Roy and his family are coming..Have been in my room peeping at their house through my window..
Yea..we always sneak into each others room at night through the window, sometimes we will sneak out during the winter period to catch some snows and build an angel..its always during those periods
*****Have been waiting anxiously as I did not see the traces of anyone in their compound, his window his closed and its almost evening yet they are not back..
I was so sad, my mom had call me several times to come downstairs and eat but I refused waiting anxiously for my Bestie..
****I was d--n starving so I decided to leave my room and go downstairs to have my meal..
As I was about to lock my room door, I heard the horn of car, I quickly ran back to my window side to check whose car was that..Omg..its ROY..ROY.YYYY…I screamed through the window, he turned and looked up , our eyes met..he smile as he signal me to come down….
I quickly ran down as my heels could carry me, am no more hungry again, all my cells are jumping for joy..
****I ran to the sitting room , mom saw how happy I am..
Tina..where are running to, and this asked Mom..Roy is back ..I said as I left her and rushed outside, I knew mom was also following me, because she and mrs Grace, Roy’s mom were best friend..
****I got to their get, and I saw him..His back was facing me, he was talking to his little sis lilly..
Then lilly looked at me and smile, as she touch Roy and point at me, then Roy turned back and our eyes met..Oh my god..he his now huge He was putting on a sleeveless shirt, that reveals his muscles..His muscles is now more attractive His hair is now different, he trimmed the sides and made the middle part curly..His lips are now so pinkish than before ..he’s some little beards…
His chest a little broad..And those sky blue eyes which made me special and then his smile..which one in a million
***I can’t believe my Bestie has grown so big , just within how many months..I took my time to accessed him…
He just so cute , that I was lost

****I was brought back to life when he snapped with his fingers twice..Hi..hi..hi…I said trying to get myselfHe looked at me and smile, so tell me what you were staring at ..he said ad he held my hands..
Umm..nothing.. I was just staring at your dad new car..I said smiling Umm..I know that smile..he said..Yea..he knows me so well that if I lie, I normally make so mischievous smile and face..So tell me what were u really staring at , because I know u so well , you can’t just stare at a car for almost 10 minutes, that u did not even know when I came to where u were..he said..I looked at him and said …OK …
I was staring at you because have really missed you..I said and hugged him..Oh ..I see..but I did not travel for eternity , I only went for 3 months vacation… He saidYes..
I know.. But I missed u so much..I said..Yes..I also missed u so much, that place was boring without u..he said..Really??..
I asked Yes now…its just boring with dad and mom lame romantic drama, and also girls there were boring..he said..I disengage from the hug..oh so girls were there, I said as I made a puppy face..Common stop that… stop doing an angry know no one can ever be best as you..he said and play with my chin..and we both laughed..OK come and gist me all about the trip, I said as I drag him inside…

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