Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 4 - CrownXplicit

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Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 4

Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 4

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Story: My Bestie

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Have searching for Tina ever since the break started but she is no where to be found..
Have checked the possible place she could be but i still did not find her..and have been noticing earlier today she has been behaving weird..
I don’t know what’s wrong with her… Unlike her normal self..every first day of school resumption like this..we always go around the school to check if there are had been any new development and we would also take pictures together…But today..
She did not even mention anything like that..
*This is unusual Tina don’t go anywhere without me..The last place that came to my mind was the cafeteria but I doubt if she will be there..I finally decided that I will check the cafeteria.
*I saw her from afar talking and smiling with a guy…and that moment the feeling if anger arosed in me…gosh..who the hell is that guy..And look at how Tina is just smiling at him..Gosh..that pains me so much..she left me in order to meet a guy..gosh..
*I was walking so fast to get to where they were and still boiling in anger, I don’t really know why am angry but am just angry..

*Tina POV..Jasmine is really funny, gosh I find myself just laughing at every of his jokes…that I even forgot I was angry earlier.. Gosh .the guy is just savage…
*We were still chatting when I heard a voice..Hey have been searching for you and here you are..a girl said as she held jasmine from behind ..and my eye widened..Who is she??
**Oh sorry..actually this pretty girl caught my attention..Jasmine said pointing at me and that almost made me blush..Oh really..
The girl said and then smile at me..Hello…she said..Hi..I replied…Am Tena..Jasmine sister…she said..“TENA”… I almost screamed…Yea..she is my sister do u know her…Jasmine said…No..I mean.
yes oh no…I don’t.. Just that her name sound familiar..Oh really.. Tena said..Yes…i said..That’s cool..actually we just parked newly into the neighborhood.. She said and this time my eyes almost popped out..everything Roy said about the other Tena is coming to my memory…Newly parked??.. I asked almost freaking out..Yes…
we just parked into this neighborhood anddd…before she could finish I heard Roy voice..“” Best have been looking for you and here you are…he said asche approach close to us..Oh …I was about to say am sorry… When I heard Roy screamed “TENA”..“”ROY…she also screamed… Gosh..she is the one…I watched them as they hug many times… I could feel my legs almost shaking!!….

To Be Continued...

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