Addiction - E02 (Story Episode)

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Still in that h---y mood,chioma quickly ran to the girls rest room to watch what she just discovered in emeka’s phone..

Immediately she entered,she locked the door, lucky enough she spied on emeka when he was inserting his password if not that would have been the end of her cinema.

****** she typed it and the last video she was watching before she ran out of the class came into view,chioma sat down on the toilet seat,lowered the volume, and started the video again..

The lady in the video was fingering her p---y with soo much energy that her moan grew louder, she first inserted one finger but it wasn’t enough, she inserted two, but she wasn’t satisfied, so she dipped her three finger in her p---y.

Her moaning grew louder that she grew wet and starts to c-m uncontrollably.

While chioma was watching the video,she became super wet that she had no choice than to start touching herself.

She quickly took off her panties and started doing what the lady on the phone was doing…..
She was doing it slow,but it was tight to her because she was a virgin and had never done such before. …

Chioma’s mind were blown away that that she never heard the bell that it was break over..

Her moaning was now louder than the lady on the video..
Everyone were seated,still gisting,waiting for the teacher to come to class..

Emeka looked at chioma’s seat but she wasn’t there,so he asked her seat mate(mary Jane),mj did you see chioma he asked, no I haven’t ooo,am wondering why she’s not in class now cause she never comes late to class..

That when emeka remembered that he had blue film on his phone..

Chai,I hope this girl no go see those videos for my phone ooooo(he thought)
Then the teacher came in….

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