Addiction - E05 (Story Episode)

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emeka couldn’t believe his eyes at what he saw,he was flabbergasted, astonished, stunned or any other word that can describe how he felt..

CHIOMA what is this? he asked looking her up to down, why you acting like you have not seen a naked girl before, before emeka could utter another word,chioma dragged him inside and shut the door,emeka followed her like a goat taking for slaughter and also mute.

While they were inside,
emeka I want you to f--k me she told him hungrily,what emeka shouted in shock, I have been waiting for this for a long time but now av seen you can you do it now?.

chioma collected what emeka was holding and dropped it on the floor, immediately she placed a kiss on emeka’s lips,that when emeka woke up from his daydream.

by now emeka’s rod was now hard as olumo rock,where is the bedroom emeka asked her,he been a bad boy from birth he found this as an opportunity to knack this girl..

while they got to chioma’s bedroom and lock the door,emeka quickly took off his clothes, jeans,boxer,left with his massive d--k already standing like goat horn..

immediately chioma wrapped her legs around emeka’s waist while emeka was kissing her neck down to her b**bs,f--k me pls chioma begged as her moan grew louder..

emeka lay her on the bed with her legs still wrapped around his waist twerking on his d--k,emeka removed her legs like a professional and started fingering her p---y with one finger,which scattered her head and made her moan with encouragement,and changed it to two fingers,emeka discovered that her p---y was tight,I think I will be the first man to knack this girl,emeke thought with pride,chioma was still screaming her head off.
emeka immediately rose up,spread her legs wider and inserted his massive d--k into chioma’s p---y..

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