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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 1

The First Attempt
"For every long lost road I went, led me to where you are. Others who broke my heart, were like the northern stars, guiding me on my way, in to your loving arms.

This much I know is true and I pray that God bless the broken roads that led me straight to you . Please be my bride."
These were the exact words of Uche as he bent down with a knee and brought out the diamond ring out proposing to Mary. These happened in a restaurant at around past 8pm. Uche had planned it all out in such a way that he had his best friend Kunle there and three of Mary's friend to spice up the whole scene. 
"Awnn awnn, this is so so lovely" Mary's best friend Loveth said.
"Oh My God, I never knew Uche can be this romantic oh. Mary you are very lucky." Omoye, one of Mary's friend there said. 
"Please Mary, say yes oh yes, yes" Titi, Mary's last friend said as she gesticulated with her hands and smiled. 
The atmosphere became tensed with love. Other customers who were in the restaurant had soon join them and the place became crowded and filled with expectant onlookers. A couple in the crowd even held their hands, as they blushed and prayed that she accepts.
All of these had happened within a few seconds from Uche's first statement
Love indeed spreads like wildfire. Everyone had become expectant of Mary's decision since the ring was still hanging in the air supported by Uche's hand. 
She then couldn't help but blush a little. "This is so so lovely Uche. The ring, the scene and everything, just beautiful. But am sorry I can't accept it." She said as her face grew from blush to straight.
"Ah, No nah. Please say yes" One of the onlookers in the crowd spoke out aloud. At this she walked away quietly from the scene putting her heads down. The onlookers started to frown as they left one at a time disappointed. 
"Why would she have declined the proposal after 3 years of relationship? Something must be wrong somewhere." Kunle finally spoke to Uche his friend. Meanwhile Uche just sat there on the bare floor devastated.

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