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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 10

"Welcome Big Bro. How are you doing? Mum didn't even mention anything about your coming." Ngozi said to Uche who just arrived home.

Uche had come to visit his mum so they would talk about the marriage issues once and for all. There seem to be a two-day public holiday coupled with the fact that weekend had just ended. So Ngozi had briefly visited home to pick a few stuffs before returning back to school. 

"Oh, my darling you are here . Welcome home. You came at the tick of time. I had taken out enough time to prepare you the soup I promised. Even though it was without your sister's help, but am sure it would still come out with a good a taste." Mrs. Young said. 

"Which help? Did I leave the school to come home to cook? Mummy leave me oh." Ngozi said. "Moreover if you had mentioned the soup was for Big Bro, perhaps I would have given some assistance but you did not" She added defending herself. 
"It's alright. That's all over now.

The food is ready
Let's leave all of those. I came here for another purpose." Uche said
"Purpose ke? Which purpose did you come for that can’t wait? It took me three good hours to prepare this food. After you are done eating to my satisfaction, we can then talk about your so called purpose. For now, face this" Mrs. Young said pointing to the bowl of food she had prepared for him. 

"Big Bro, you have enter one-chance today. Let me leave you and your wife to continue your food and purpose discussions." Ngozi said as she laughed, walking away. 

Mrs. Young opened one of the plates containing the soup. The aroma that came out of it was so enticing that even a dead man who smells it would resurrect just to have a taste then go back to the grave. 

"Hmm, yummy! Your food is still as good as those days mum" Uche said as he took a lump of the akpu and the ogbonor soup (A Nigerian Delicacy). Mum had set aside a glass of five-alive juice for him to wash it down also. 

In the course of eating the sumptuous meal, Uche seems to have forgotten purpose - the reason why he had come. He got carried away by akpu


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