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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 11


"Thank you very much for the food mum. I haven't had something like this in a while now." Uche said. 

"You are welcome my dear. But you didn't take the three wraps as you used to then. You know I want you to be strong like your father." Mrs. Young said insisting Uche takes an additional wrap of akpu to the two he had already consumed. 

"No mum, I think am just satisfied. Thank you" Uche said softly as he smiled.
"If you say so then." Mrs . Young said as she called on Ngozi to come and clear the table. 

"Yes mum, to the reason I came here." Uche said as he coughed gently. "Whatsoever plan you may be having for me towards marriage, I want you to know it won't work oh. I am already in love with Mary." Uche said 
"Mary? Who's that one? Hope it's not that young lady that always hinders you from seeing me? Though I haven't met her in person, but I just think she is not the right person for you." Mrs. Young said. 

"Wow mum, this is serious. Someone you haven't even meant before." Uche said surprisingly. 

"Well, I do not have to meet her. Do I? She has already shown herself as one who won't listen to me
Especially the other day she wanted you to come by all means for the group-date you had with your friends, even though had restrained you." Mrs. Young added 
Deep down in Uche's mind, he knew the mum and Mary just had a similar negative perception towards each other. Mary had same perception towards the mum. So he was a bit confused. 

As he was still thinking, and trying to put his words together before he speaks, the words of his mum ruin his thought process.

She said "...that's why I have found for you a lady that you would love and would also respect all my wishes"
"A lady that would love me? And also respect all your wishes? At the same time? She must be an angel mum! I don’t think such lady exists" Uche said not taking the mum's words seriously.

"Yes you are right. She is an angel. Probably a goddess - a beauty goddess. You already know her. Just that your eyes are always too big, that it doesn't even see small things anymore. She is very slim, perhaps that’s why you can’t seem to notice her" Mrs. Young said.

"Spare me all these fairy tales mum. Who's that?" Uche said sternly. 
"Beatrice!" The mum said and took her face away.

"What?" Uche shouted. “I am surprise mum” He added. 
"Well, I am not surprise. My only surprise is that you are surprise" Mrs. Young said.


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