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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 12

The Decline

Of all ladies mum, the daughter of Mrs. Taiwo? Ah. I am not interested oh. You never cease to amaze me you know." Uche said 
"Amaze? What's amazing in this? That I am helping you to set your future right with the right lady?" Mrs. Young said. 

"Son, look at me" She touched his face with her left hand as she drew him closer. “This is exactly the kind of union necessary for this family . The Young’s family and the Taiwo’s family coming together. It would be the most prestigious amalgamation of the century." She added. 

"Oh, it's no longer someone that would respect you? It's now because of family name abi? Mum you keep amazing me" Uche said.

"What amazement? You mean you haven't seen what's more amazing than this in your life before? I think you are the one amazing me right now. It's simple. Her family has a long history with ours. So it’s easier for her and I to get along.

Thus we would be using one stone in killing two birds." She said 
"Oh my God

So it's all about you mum. Not what I want?  Not my happiness, my future or what gives me joy? Mum, I think this time around I would not follow your choice. I am just telling you now so you know. "Uche said as he walked out of the room angrily and hurriedly, before the mum would be able to change his mind.

It was after this happened that he had made the arrangements of the restaurant's proposals.

Since Mary and himself had a nice time when they meant the last time, he wanted to take hold of that opportunity and quickly get his ring on her hands before the mum's plan gets to her ears. 

Apparently, the whole plan had not worked out. Otherwise Mary would have accepted his proposal.

He was surprised at the decline. “We have earlier sorted out the issues we had as regards mum. He thought to himself. However, he later got to know why Mary had declined the proposal. Mrs. Young was definitely involved. 


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