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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 13

The Reason
On the deal day when Uche was to propose to her. Uche had informed Kunle his best friend, and Mary's three closest friends Loveth, Omoye and Titi. They were the only once aware about the whole proposal idea. However Mrs. Young had got to know somehow. 

With the manner at which Uche left her place the other day, she suspected something fishy was about to happen. She had been with him for the past 28 years and could predict his next movement or behavior with above average accuracy . But this time around, she needed help for clarity.

Young had inquired from her son's friend Kunle. Kunle, who wasn't even aware of Uche's mum plan didn't find any reason not to divulge the idea of the proposal to her. 

This was the information Mrs. Young had leverage upon in ruining all of Uche's plan. She had called Mary to threaten her against marrying her son. Though Mary didn't see the threat as something that should stop their love, she however knew that it had the potential of ruining their marriage if they were to go on. 

"Why then start a fight you obviously can’t finish?" She had asked herself. 
With all of these at hand and in her heart, she had refused to accept Uche's proposal. However Uche wasn't aware that Mary’s decline, was mum's cause. He was totally oblivious of this.

After crying out her eyes until it felt as if she had done the right thing, she cleaned herself up to get prepared for an interview she has the following day. 
Mary studied accounting in the same university were Uche had done civil engineering

Uche was two years ahead of her. While, Uche had gotten a job in a construction firm immediately he graduated, Mary did not. 

Not because she couldn't get one, as Uche could have used his father's influence to get her, but she just didn't really wanted to practice the profession just yet. Her relationship with Uche had further even made her not to really care about it, for the time being, as he provides virtually everything she needed. But then she had realized, "If I must leave Uche for good, I must also get a job to assist myself."

Unfortunately she performed so poorly in that interview. She didn't prepare so hard for it because of all that have been happening and that was also her first time having an interview, since she did her youth service one year ago.

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