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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 14

Do you still have feelings for her?
Of course Mrs. Young didn't just ruin Uche's plan without another substitute in view. She wanted her son's happiness also. 

Uche, who was frustrated that Mary had declined his proposal later began to think he was probably not good enough for her. "Perhaps am not in the future she sees or she has fallen in love with someone else. Probably, probably not" He thought to himself as he felt so confused. 

His mum took this opportunity to console him and see how she can introduce the need of another lady into his life - Beatrice. 

"Dear, I had told you about that lady before . If you had listened to me, your heart would not have been this shattered." Mrs. Young said as if the only information she had was Mary declining her son's proposal. 

"Do not worry Uche nwam, am sure Beatrice would be a good substitute for you." She added 
At this, Uche rose up his head in surprise and began to think if it wasn't just his mum's plan all these while. Well, there wasn't enough evidence to reach such conclusion. 

"Mum, you and this Beatrice issue again. How are you sure she is not already in a relationship with someone else or something. I can't go and look foolish abeg" Uche said as he was already falling to his mum's plan little by little. 
"Relationship kwa? No oh

I overheard her telling her mum the other day at the party. She hasn't seen her standard yet." Mrs. Young replied. 
"Oh Oh. So you now think I will be the standard abi? How are you sure she would love me sef. Mum please let's leave this issue abeg" Uche said trying to just dodge away from the whole idea of Beatrice. As he was even still consoling himself from a recent heartbreak.

"Why are you not seeing the green light? I have told you before, your eyes are getting too big that you can't even see the obvious anymore." Mrs. Young said.
"I use to know you guys were close then. Why do you think she didn't date anybody in the UK? Perhaps it was because of you? Or don’t you think so?" She added trying to convince him.

Uche looked at his mum and though "Well she has a point. But that could only just be a guess. What if it’s an assumption? But what if it’s not? Moreover they had lost communication for long.

How would he possibly start?" He kept on thinking to himself.
"How will I start mum? I don't even know how to go about this. I am just confused about this whole issue" Uche said. 

"Leave that for me dear. That's not going to be a problem. The problem is if you still have feelings for her. Do you?" Mrs. Young asked.

Surprise at the mum's question, he thought for a while then laughed softly. Then said "Feelings? Well, maybe. I think I so".
Gbam! Then we are good to go” Mrs. Young said.


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