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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 15

International Lawyer
With Uche’s response Mrs. Young knew half of her problem had just been solved. The other half, was to get to convince Beatrice since she has succeeded in convincing Uche. All these while, Beatrice had no single idea all of the plans made towards her.
“How do I go about this?” Mrs. Young thought to herself.

“Yes, my friend . Am sure she would be interested and willing to assist too. This would make everything easier” She kept on thinking while muttering those words to herself aloud.

She had planned to convince Mrs. Taiwo, Beatrice mum and get her to convince her daughter too, just like she has convinced her son.

Of course Mrs. Taiwo had a ‘thing’ for Uche also. She felt with her daughter’s prestige, her perfect match would just be another prestigious personality in terms of academic achievements and family background. Uche seems to fit this standard.
Uche had bagged a First Class from one of the private Universities in the South-Western part of Nigeria. His family also has a long history with the Taiwo’s. “Who else would be a more perfect match for my daughter?” Mrs. Taiwo said to Mrs. Young, who had just finished narrating her own part of the plans.

“The only problem is it’s very difficult to convince Beatrice on issues like this. Even on ordinary matters, it’s difficult, Much more something very sensitive like this.

But all the same, I will talk to her” Mrs. Taiwo said to her.

Although their plans were still in the process, they however found reasons to celebrate for the future. “Wale, please get us a bottle of wine from the fridge” Mrs. Taiwo said to her youngest son who just walked into them while discussing. “This calls for celebration” She added facing Mrs. Young.

In the evening that day, when Beatrice returned back home, Mrs. Taiwo said “Omo mi, you are welcome. Hope you had a great day at work”.
“Yes mum, I did” Beatrice replied as she started to put off her jacket right there in the sitting room, signifying that she had a very long day.

Beatrice who just came into Nigeria three weeks ago had already been secured a job for, in the Taiwo and Associate Chambers in Lagos, where her dad was the Chairman. Her study as an international lawyer had become needful to the country. Her father, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), who have always wanted her daughter to take after her, found this as a thing of pride and joy. He quickly got her a placement in his firm to compensate her years of hard work in the Oxford school of Law.
........TO BE CONTINUED......
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