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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 3

The Adult Baby
Of course Mary was madly in love with Uche. Perhaps, more than Uche could ever know or fathom. However, the possibility of not having a future together started to surface to her after some unique incidences happened three months to the proposal. 

Prior to that incidence, they were single potentials waiting to become joint reality. But just these incidences changed Mary's perception of Uche . And made her to rethink if he is really the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

First was when Mary began to notice how close Uche was to his mum. To her, Uche seems to take the words of his mum as law. Every other person's statement or contribution to an issue at hand after his mum talks to him, becomes secondary. 

Mrs. Young, Uche's mother loved him so well. The reason for this wasn’t farfetched. Mrs. Young had waited for eleven years before having Uche. During this period, she was faced with warnings and series of threat from her mother in-law to get his son another wife.

After much patience of waiting to finally get to have Uche, sickness later tried to show its own self too. Uche battled with various ailments from when he was six months to when he became five. All of these had made his Mum’s bond for him that strong. 

Even after she gave birth to Ngozi when Uche was seven, the love for the two still had no comparison
Somewhere deep down, she still had more affection for Uche. While their Dad preferred Ngozi.
This Oedipus complexity between Uche and her mum continued to exist, and was known to all. It was however not so comfortable for Mary. Both ladies seems to be competing for whose say Uche ultimately listens to. Often time than not, Mrs.Young wins.

Particularly, there was a time Uche and Mary had a group date with a couple of other friends. This date was the boom especially for the ladies. The eight of them looked forward to it like the second coming of Jesus Christ.

However, the expected happened. Mrs. Young had restrained Uche from not joining the group. She hinged it on a religious belief that something dangerous was to happen and that Uche should not go. 

This was irrespective of the fact that Uche was already 28 and stays in his own apartment. Yet mum still dictates for him from time to time. 

Long story cut short. Everyone showed up that night for the group date save Uche. Mary had thought Uche will come irrespective of the shallow excuse given by Mrs. Young. However, Uche didn't. 

Eventually, nothing dangerous happened that night, except for the fact that Mary was now boo-less throughout the chats and discussions that night.

Uche was just still a baby to his mum but Mary wanted to marry a man, not a child.

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