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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 4

The Birthday Plans
"Babe, am sorry for last night. You know mum can be a bit too over-protective. Am going to make last night up to you. Don’t worry" Uche said in a bid to appease Mary for the previous night. 

Mary had allowed this to slide under the carpet even though it was quite painful. Two months down the line, It happened again. This time bigger and more painful.
Mary's birthday was just around the corner . Uche had promised to make it a memorable one for her.

"I am going to so spoil you that day ehn. Believe me, you won't forget this memory we are going to have in a hurry" Uche said to Mary as they were making plans for the deal day. Apparently, Uche had plans of making up fot the group date he missed since two months ago using this outing. 

"I just want us to be alone as we have always done. We should go far from any other person as far as we can go. All I want to see is you – Nobody else." Mary replied to Uche as they made the plans.

"Awnn awnn. That sounds romantic. I can't wait to take you there. Am sure we are going to enjoy ourselves.

I will give you a nice treat." Uche said as he was very optimistic. 
"You will sing for me too oh

Prepare that voice of yours to be in its perfect tone oh. Don't go and eat Eba and ogbonor Soup that day and end up not been able to sing for me oh." Mary said as she teased him. 

They both laughed together as they ended the conversation for that night. It was a day that they kept on looking forward to.

On the deal day of Mary's birthday, Uche was nowhere to be found again. His phone was dead and Mary kept on waiting for him. Gradually the sun had set and day even got dark, yet there was no sign of Uche. He didn't even give a call. 

All the treats promised, plans made and adventures that they were looking forward to, were all in vain. Uche had done it again. And as usual by the morning he came to explain, Mrs. Young also had a hand in it. It was frustrating.

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