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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 5

Family Representation
Uche's mum had insisted that he come along with him to see Beatrice and her parent. Beatrice's parents had a long history with Uche's parents. So as it was Beatrice's convocation celebration in their family house, it was customary for the Young's family with such a long history to be there to celebrate with them. 
Mr. Young was still in his long business trip as usual.

This particular trip was to last for the next three months as he was working on a huge project for the firm he works for.  Mrs. Young had thus insisted that Uche come along with him to represent his father. But of course she had other intentions too. 
Uche had known Beatrice for the period of time that their parent have known each other, which was over fifteen years now. They had even gone to same secondary school, though Uche was three years ahead of her in class. 

Pursuit of a university degree seems to have been the reason for their separation. Although they were not dating then, but they were however quite close

It would be a thing of joy for Mrs. Young to see them get married to further unite both families' bond. 

While Uche had studied here in Nigeria where he meant Mary, Beatrice had gone to the UK to study. Coming back after graduation, Mrs. Young saw this as an opportunity to get the folks hooked up once more. But she had hinged Uche's coming on family representation. He had to stand in, for his Father.

Uche had followed the mum without that knowledge of his mum's plan. Mum has always had his way, this might not just take exception.


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