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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 6

Gift Charm
Finally, Uche got the opportunity to explain to Mary while he couldn't come as planned, as he went to represent his dad in a cogent function. 

"To the extent that you couldn’t call? What nonsense! This is the second time you are dishonoring our date and it always have something to do with your mum. You better do and marry her" Mary said to Uche angrily.

"My love, I will make this up to you this time . I promise. Am really sorry" Uche said. 

"Make up what? The date you just missed now was supposed to be a make up for the last you missed. Am sure your next makeup will be another disappointment. Spare me those stories that touch. I am not interested in your makeup stories any more" Mary said. 

At this Uche drew closer to her, held her right hand with his left and said softly "Love, am sorry.

Believe me this time around"
"Look what I bought for you for the birthday." He said as he brought out a package from a bag with him. The package contained a small box.
"So you want to bribe me now abi?" Mary said as he was already falling for him again as his soft hands caressed her softly. 
"Bribe, definitely not dear. This is your birthday gift

I can't remember to have gotten you any yet." Uche said as he smiled, knowing the gift was working.

Afterwards, he took the small black box, opened it and took out the necklace out in it. It was made of silver and was shining like the armour of a Britain Knight in 1800's. 
He took it and walked straight to her back. Putting his hands across her neck, he took the necklace and fixed it on her. Then he whispered on her ears, "you look gorgeous in it" then bit her gently in that particular ear. 

Taking up his phone, he gave it to her to use as mirror to see it. As she saw how good it was on her, she blushed and said "This is beautiful Uche. I love it. Thank you"
At this she fell completely in his arms, and they had a very deep hug. For Mary, her birthday was still not complete and perfect. They had just made up alone.


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