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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 7

Beatrice’s Standard
On the part of mum and Beatrice, Mrs. Young was still cooking up her plans to get them hooked up. The last time was just a formal visitation and she couldn't have so much time to push both of them to themselves with her words. 

Beatrice was dark in complexion, slim and beautiful. She had a set of space-teeth that carefully complemented her dimple. When she smiles, it sends chills down the spine of all the young men around her . But she was still not satisfied with all the guys she had meant in the UK. None seems to meet her standards. 

Beatrice had studied international law and was known to be very eloquent in expressing her intent. She was the definition of beauty and brains. Could Uche be the standard she has been waiting for? Would Uche even be interested in his mum's proposal when he gets to know? Well... 

Uche finally took Mary out for the treat he had promised. It involved a tour to Tinapa Resort, in Calabar, Nigeria. The trip was like heaven on earth for Mary. Just herself and Uche alone, exactly as she had proposed. 

On the night of the adventure, specifically after the tour, they were inside a local hut as both birds expressed words of love to each other as their custom was. 

"Anytime I think of the future, all I see is you. Not my career, my friends, my family or even my mum

Just you." Uche said to Mary whose head was resting on his shoulder as they both held each other’s hand. 

"I just want you to know, the love I have for you can't be compared with anything in this world. It's you I love and will marry, not my mum as you claimed earlier on. “He continued as he smiled. 

"I love you too dear. It's just that sometimes I think your mum is taking too much of your decisions. You are grown now. Well, that aside though, let's not spoil our fun.

So, what about my song that you promised?" Mary asked as she stared his face with optimism.

"Oh, the song. My voice isn’t so good for it now oh. But am sure you will manage it." He replied as he coughed softly and got ready to sing. Mary then gestured with her heads for him to go ahead. 

Then he sang for her speechless by Michael Jackson. An all-time romance song for any season. The song was so emotional especially as buttressed with his unique voice.

"The song is so beautiful Uche" Mary replied as she moved her lips closer to him. As she was about to kiss him, Uche's phone rang and it was Mrs. Young. 
Thinking Uche wouldn't take the call, since they were in the center of a discussion and romance, she was however disappointed.

"Dear, please let me take this call. It's mum. She doesn't like my phone ringing for the second time." Uche said. At this Mary knew Uche wasn't ready for change yet. Mum was still in control.


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