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 Marriage Proposal - Episode 8

Mrs. Young's Plan
"Hello mum, Good evening. How are you doing?" Uche said to his mum as he took the phone.

"My dear. Good evening too. Am fine. Hope you have eaten this evening." Mrs. Young said 
"Not yet mum, I will get something to eat soon." Uche replied 
"Eeh, look at this boy oh. You want to starve yourself to death abi? How come you have not eaten yet? This is the reason am even calling sef . I have found a woman that will come and be cooking for you oh." Mrs. Young said 
At this point Uche knew the direction the discussion was about to take. And it will end up ruining his date with Mary. Alhough the conversation was already ruining it without knowing. 

"Mum, not again...okay I have heard you. Let's talk about this some other time. Please" He said 
"You haven't even asked me who the lady is. And you are not getting any younger oh." Mrs. Young said as she stressed the younger part. Perhaps because the family's name is Young. 

"Whosoever you have planned mum. Just remove your mind. It won't work. In fact, we shouldn't be discussing about this on phone?" Uche said 
"That's a good idea. It means you will come to see me soon again abi? I will take out time to prepare your favorite soup for you

I have even missed you so much" Mrs. Young replied 
"Missed kwa, I thought we just saw less than forty-eight hours ago at the party. Mum please try to be lavishing this same love of yours to Ngozi also, at least so you can release me a little too. Bikonu Ma?" Uche said.

"Ngozi ke? The one that doesn't listen to me at all? She listens to only her father. Especially this university admission she just got now. It has further made her head swollen. She doesn't listen to me na." Mrs. Young said, deviating from the issue at hand. 
"It’s alright mum.

 I have heard you. See you tomorrow then. Need to go. Love you mum" Uche said reluctantly. 

"Love you too my dear. As you end this call now, leave everything you are doing and go and eat immediately oh. If you don't eat now, I will know in the spirit and call you back immediately" She said as she laughed softly.

"OK mum. Bye" Uche said and quickly ended the call before she continued with her sermon. 

As he quickly rushed back to the Hut where he had left Mary, the atmosphere had already changed. Mary's face hand become long. And he knew what that means. Whenever Mary's face goes long, the apology that follows is always long too. Uche knew he was in trouble.

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