How to Buy and Add or Link a Custom Domain to Blogger Blog

Majority of the people will start with their blog/website with free BlogSpot. It isn't bad, cause you also get unlimited storage and bandwidth for your website. Technically storage is not completely unlimited, but we have other options to play with to overcome this storage.
And Blogspot will have the domain like So why we need to have a custom domain?. Usually, Blogspot is often overrun by spammers.
  • Usually, Blogspot is often overrun by spammers.
  • When you present your domain in social media, its is better to have a domain name.
  • When talking about credibility most websites don’t like Blogspot links to backlink.
In this video, I will discuss How to Buy and Connect a Custom Domain Name to Blogger/Blogspot Website or Blog. is a free publishing platform for bloggers to share words, videos, and video. 

The Video Below will guide you on how to purchase a Domain from Google Domain which comes with free SSL certificates.


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